Harmonia Philharmonia

Ensembles for grade 0-5 instrumentalists

It is hoped to restart these ensembles in Spring 2022!
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Harmonia Philharmonia has two different formats - a woodwind band, and a full orchestra. Both are suitable for grade 0-5 players of any age, and offer fun workshops. 

The Harmonia Philharmonia Orchestra was formerly known as the GRO (Going-on Repertoire Orchestra) and has patiently been led by Russell Keable and Steve Bingham in previous workshops. The original goal was to provide an ensemble opportunity to adults who are either learning an instrument for the first time, or who are adding an additional instrument to their skill set. It is open to all ages, but children must be accompanied by a playing adult. Repertoire consists of the fantastic BBC Ten Pieces works which feature arrangements of famous classical pieces, with three different difficulty levels so everyone can find something manageable! 

The Harmonia Philharmonia band was formerly known as the Harmonia Band, and is led by Kirsty. It's open to children and adults up to grade 5 on any woodwind instrument. It had just got started when covid hit, and it is hoped to restart this group again reasonably soon. The music is either arranged by Kirsty, or makes use of the lovely "Five Note Philharmonic and Friends" books by Sarah Watts. 
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For more information contact Kirsty Body: 07715556589,

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