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Tue, 21 Apr 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 21 Apr 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 23 Apr 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 23 Apr 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Tue, 28 Apr 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 28 Apr 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 30 Apr 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 30 Apr 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Tue, 5 May 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 5 May 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 7 May 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 7 May 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Tue, 12 May 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 12 May 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 14 May 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 14 May 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Tue, 19 May 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 19 May 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 21 May 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 21 May 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Thu, 28 May 20207:00pmHHS rehearsal GRAND PIANO CAFE
Tue, 2 Jun 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 2 Jun 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 4 Jun 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 4 Jun 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Tue, 9 Jun 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 9 Jun 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 11 Jun 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 11 Jun 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Tue, 16 Jun 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 16 Jun 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 18 Jun 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 18 Jun 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Tue, 23 Jun 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 23 Jun 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 25 Jun 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 25 Jun 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Tue, 30 Jun 20206:30pmHD rehearsal
Tue, 30 Jun 20207:45pmCHS rehearsal
Thu, 2 Jul 20203:30pmHYS rehearsal
Thu, 2 Jul 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Fri, 3 Jul 20207:30pmCoton Harmonia Singers plus Derek Scurll Jazz Quartet @ Haslingfield Little Theatre
Thu, 9 Jul 20207:30pmHHS rehearsal
Sat, 11 Jul 2020 Huntingdon Harmonia Singers @ Histon Feast Week
Sat, 17 Oct 20208:00pmBassoon Fest
Sat, 5 Dec 20206:00pmHarmonia Christmas Festival (Harmonia Singers (Coton), Harmonia Singers (Huntingdon))
Sun, 13 Dec 20204:00pmHHS at Paxton Pits