How can we get back to singing in "real life"? - Harmonia Music

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Posted By: Kirsty Body
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Date Posted: Thu, 20 May 2021
There was disappointing news for many choirs this week, when DCMS and the government changed the guidance on TUESDAY (a full day AFTER the May 17th deadline) to say that amateur choirs could only meet inside in one group of six people, not thirty as they'd said would happen. Although Harmonia choirs are remaining on zoom this term until July anyway, this doesn't strictly speaking affect us, but many choirs are losing money on venues and it's causing huge arguments on many forums about whether it's just "guidance" and choirs can choose to ignore it. Many choirs are now meeting outdoors or in cow byres, barns and carparks, but obviously the elements are against us in terms of rain, and also being able to hear clearly. 
Me modelling a singer's mask!
I've been busy making Singers' Masks which will allow indoor rehearsal with a great deal more safety. They're specially made to be roomy around the mouth, so they're not uncomfortable to sing in, and you don't suck fabric into your mouth with every breath. We're very much hoping that the Harmonia Zoom Singers will try these in July at our last rehearsal and, possibly indoors for a sing through of what we've been doing online, and then workshops will follow to include those who have not felt able to attend online.