Grade 5 Theory Courses

Intensive, but fun courses, designed to go from no experience to grade 5 readiness in hours

Harmonia Music offers intensive courses for ABRSM Grade 5 Theory preparation.

The aim:
To cover the grade 5 ABRSM theory requirements in one course (including all grade 1-4 requirements)
By the end of the course follow-up materials, participants should be confident to take the online grade 5 exam. 
Please note that although these courses are intense, they are enjoyable and even been described as "fun"! 

To take part:
You must be a grade 4 music reader (i.e. already playing grade 4 pieces confidently) or above. 
You must be a fluent music reader in at least one clef (treble, bass or alto)
Age 9 - adult
You do NOT have to have done any music theory before the course, as everything from grade 1-5 is covered.
ANY level of theory experience is accepted - even if you think you're working at grade 4-5 already. 

The course format:
3 x 2 hour zoom classes plus one session of 1 hour.
Quizlet class for each course providing online self-marking quizzes on each topic between sessions and after the course. 
Marking of 8 example papers by email (send pics or scans of completed papers in PDF format - instructions given!)

Grade 5 workbook (explaining how to tackle each topic in the exam)
8 Practice Papers (published by ABRSM - 4 written style, 4 online style)*
Parental guidance sheet.
Quizlet quizzes on all topics (free access to a private class for each course)

All printed resources will be sent out by post. 

£175 including all resources, follow-up marking, plus membership of the Quizlet class. 

To express your interest, please fill in THIS FORM.
Minimum of 4 people, maximum of 12 people per course. 
Courses are confirmed once 4 people have signed up. 

The Exam
Exam entry is not included in the course fee, and should be done by parents. 
From 2nd August 2021 you will be able to enter for the online theory exams any time and complete the exam online on any day, at any time. 
More information is available on the ABRSM website. 
You'll need around 6-8 weeks from the end of the course to do all the practice papers and be fully prepared. 
It's possible to do them quicker, but this is usually how long people take!

Next courses: 
October 2021   3 day half-term course     Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th 11am-12.20pm AND 2pm-3pm 
November 2021 Sundays 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th 4pm-6pm (last session 4-5pm)
Christmas Holiday Course (dates to be announced) 

Cost: £175 per person for course inclusive of marking of 8 papers and all materials (posted out)
(Individually - 7 hours tuition £280, 2 hours theory paper marking £80 = £360, plus papers £10)

*Why do written style papers to prepare for an online exam?
This is often the only time pupils will be taught how to physically write music correctly, which is a vital skill for any musician. The written style papers provide in depth coverage of the syllabus and can ensure greater understanding. The online exam is multiple choice, with NO actual writing involved at all, but candidates will find the ability to write music neatly will aid their note-taking and working out. For those thinking of GCSE, A-level and beyond, this will ensure they have all the skills they need.


Useful links

ABRSM exam help videos (watch before doing the exam!)
Try out an online style grade 5 exam here (this practice test is marked automatically)

Results from March 21 online exam: 5 distinctions, 2 merits, 2 passes 
Results from Summer 20 pilot online exam: 2 passes, 2 distinctions
Results from Autumn 19: 3 passes, 2 merits, 2 distinctions
Results from Summer 19: 2 passes, 3 merits, 2 distinctions (including one 100/100!)

Results from Spring 19: 3 distinctions, 4 merits, 4 passes
Results from Autumn 18: 1 distinction, 2 passes
Results from Summer 18: 2 distinctions
Results from Spring 18: 2 passes, 1 merit, 1 distinction
Results from Autumn 17: 2 passes, 2 merits

Individual hour long lessons are also sometimes available at a rate of £40 per lesson. 
For more information on any theory course contact  Kirsty Body: 07715556589,

"Thank you so very much for your wonderful course, guidance and explanations throughout this whole process, it has been very much appreciated. My son has learnt a lot, not just the theory but a whole lot of exam and study skills that he’ll need in the future."  Parent feedback June 2021


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