Useful information and course details

Do I need to have done some theory before?

No. The courses are designed to go from zero theory experience. You MUST be the right level music reader (Grade 4+) in either bass, treble or alto clef. The course doesn't suit everyone, as some people work better at a slower pace.

How do I sign up for a course?

Fill in the online form and remember to put which particular course you're interested in. You'll then be contacted and given more information about how to pay your deposit. An early bird fee applies if you pay the full balance at least 2 weeks before the course, after this, the cost rises. 

How long does it take to be ready for the exam?

This depends on how quickly you complete the practice papers, but it's usually around 6-8 weeks for grade 5. 

Why do I need to do some old style written papers if the exam is now online?

This is often the only time pupils will be taught how to physically notate music correctly, which is a vital skill for any musician. The written papers also provide in depth coverage of the syllabus and can ensure greater understanding. The ability to write music neatly will aid note-taking and working out during the online exam. For those thinking of GCSE, A-level and beyond, this will ensure they have all the skills they need.

How much time do I have to use the Quizlets?

Quizlet classes run for a minimum of 1 year.

How much time do I have to complete the practice papers and get them marked?

Practice papers should be completed within 6 months if you would like them marked by Harmonia. 

How successful are Harmonia theory courses?

VERY. Those who complete the quizlets, plus the practice papers within 2-3 months tend to always pass the exam. Those who leave it longer, or don't complete the practice materials have less chance of passing. There are no guarantees, but it is entirely possible to start from scratch and pass grade 5 theory within 2 months. Fastest turnaround so far is 11 days from the end of the course to passing the exam with distinction. 

When are the exams and how do I enter?

Since 2nd August 2021, the exams are completely flexible. You enter via the ABRSM website and then have 28 days to complete the test at a time and day of your choosing. You should only enter for the exam if you are passing practice papers confidently! Grade 5 is £51 (correct as of July 2023)

How does the exam work? 

Watch the videos on  this page on the ABRSM site. They'll walk you through what to expect. 

What happens if I'm struggling with a particular concept after the course?

If you are finding one area difficult, then you may be invited to have a 10 minute one to one zoom session. This is usually enough to help secure the methods. Most people don't need this. 

My child works best one to one. Can they have a private course instead of a group course?

Yes, this is possible, but obviously costs more. Details on request only. 

What if I need to do more practice papers and have already had my allocation of papers marked?

You can ask to book some more marking (availability depends on the current level of demand), or purchase some papers WITH answer booklets (though you miss out on the explanations for mistakes). 

Is there a discount for siblings?

If you have two or more siblings taking the course at the same time, then a discount may be given. Email for details. 

What happens if I can't make one session of a course?

If you can't attend a session for any reason, then it may be possible to do this privately, but you should expect to pay an additional rate for this. If you just forget to attend, then the session will not be offered. You will receive a text message/phone call if you are late to a session to remind you it has started. 

Do I HAVE to have my camera on?

Yes, you do. This is really important as visual feedback helps with successful teaching. It's the quickest and easiest way to show whether you understand or not. If you are uncomfortable with having a camera on, then these courses may not suit you, or you should consider one to one teaching. 

Do I HAVE to have my sound on and speak?

No, but it's easier if you do. Participants don't have to speak often, and this can be done through the chat function for anyone particularly shy about speaking out in a group course. Most people mute themselves and just unmute to give an answer or ask a question. 

What's the best way to use Quizlet?

Create a username and use the link in your email to join the right class. For many of the Quizlets it's easiest to do the "Match" option, or click on test, then options, then true/false or match. This means you don't have to do much typing! Do little and often and you'll soon get quick at all the necessary skills. Don't just use the flashcards.

How do I know I'm ready for the exam?

When you're passing papers easily within the time limit and with NO help. If in doubt, ask Kirsty!